One of the strangest characteristics of a pearl is that its surface appears smooth when seen under lens but it also feels gritty when done with a tooth test.

pearlimitation pearls earrings  Imitation PearlsThis is because of the pearl nacre which looks smooth but feels gritty. However, when it comes to the imitation pearls, they are seen to have smoother appearance but when viewed under the lens there surface looks like that of the moon. If a user has bought a perfectly matched pearl strand at a good bargain then it is important to take a close look to see if they are imitations or real ones. Nowadays, spotting a real and an imitation is very difficult from a distance and that is because of the advancements that have been made into the creation of imitation pearls. This makes it important to give closer look to pearls otherwise there is no way to differentiate one which was made inside a mollusk in a number of years from the one which was artificially created in minutes.

Chinese were the leading producers of imitation pearls but now they are manufactured worldwide because of their use in industries like clothing, fashion,Glass Resin Beads Imitation Pearls Jewelry Set Necklace Bracelet Ring  300x237 Imitation Pearls buttons, toys and even artificial jewelry. These are also used for making junk jewels. Their popularity is huge considering the fact that the imitation ones could be dyed to give any color and they are created in a number of sizes that vary from spheres to ovals. They are popular in a number of names that include organic pearls, bohemian pearls, Majorca pearls, semi cultured pearls, Turkish rose pearls, venetian pearls, faux pearls and so on.

As it is clear, the imitation pearls are manufactured through machines or by hand and are not actually a gemstone. The process of their creation is quite simple. Firstly, the desired bead shape is created br623123 00p01v01 241x300 Imitation Pearlsin the form of plastic, glass or ceramic and sometimes even organic things are used for making them like shells. Then they are colored and coated so as to take the look of a real pearl. This part of coloring and coating is done in a number of processes and the person responsible for finding these was Jacquin, a Frenchman. The hollow glass ones are coated with pearlessence on the inside and then wax filled. Moreover, this substance is also used for coating of plastic beads. Then the luster of the plastic and glass beads is enhanced and the gloss is increased by dipping them in a number of solutions.

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