It is important to focus completely on the stone when going for alexandrite pendant purchase. There are several things which should be looked out for and the first one is the amazing color change feature of the alexandrite stone. The pure ones are seen to emit green color in natural light and it changes to red in the artificial or bulb light. Because of this property, this stone is quite popular and valuable as it is the only stone which can change its color. When made as a part of a pendant, the alexandrite has the possibility to look even more beautiful and also the one who wear it.



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Pure and natural alexandrite is obtained from Russia but since the mines there have been worn out, the present day alexandrite is availed from India, alex banner center 150x150 Information on Alexandrite PendantTasmania, Burma, Brazil and Sri Lanka. There is also lab made synthetic alexandrite which displays two completely different colors as opposed to green or red. The stones acquired from other countries or even the aforementioned can emit the color changes with some changes in the shade. This shade changes are experienced because of chrome, titanium and iron in the stone. After the color, the user should look at the flaws and inclusions in the pendant.



The alexandrite usually is a translucent stone with very few inclusions but there is a possibility to acquire opaque looking gems. It is important not to go for opaque looking ones as they don???t have the desired effect and look on the pendant. It is seen that larger the carat weight of the pendant, better would be its clarity. As for the cuts, because of its low hardness, it is possible to get a number of possible cuts. However, its best to go for the oval shaped ones when it comes to the pendants.


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As for the price of the stone, if the weight is large and the change in color is intense then the price is going to be large. Because of this, its price is even more than the precious stones. Most consider this a gemstone for 45th or 55th anniversaries. Some jewelers replace pearl with this stone or use a combination of them as both these elements are birthstones for June. As for the pendant, some go for 14k-18k yellow/white gold whilst others go for silver or platinum pendants. The silver ones are cheaper than the platinum.




The color change should be as intense in the back as in front and the chain length should be 18 inches or less. The choker length or 16 inches chain length is the best choice as it enhances the neckline beauty. The chain can be of the same or different element as that of the pendant ??? yellow gold, silver or platinum.

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