It is seen that the grace and elegance of one???s hand is always enhanced by rings and an Amber ring is always seen in one???s collection if ??he or she is a ring aficionado. In the case of rings, it is possible to get one which can suit any budget and style. The price of the ring decides what size it is going to be and also what design it is. As for amber rings, it is possible for all individuals to get an amber ring. The best thing about Amber is that it signifies autumn and comes in array of colors which include blue, golden and even shades of orange and yellow.

This is extracted from a range of sources which include trees, sea and earth but the Amber found in Russia is considered to be the most valuable.


amber ring


The sea Amber is often found washed up on shores as because of its light weight it manages to float over salt water. Different shapes of Amber are also created from tree???s hardened resin and this clear/cloudy resin has been used for ornamentation and therapeutic purposes since time immemorial. When it comes to amber rings, the comfort of the wearer is quite important as the fingers are always seen to be in motion. As for the color, it isn’t necessary to go for golden rings as orange and white gold amber or green amber with silver can also be chosen for elegance.

As the selection of a ring is quite personal, it is important to browse the internet for several designs before making a decision.


amber rings


It is quite easy to be conned with imitations when it comes to amber rings as sometimes glass and plastic is sold off as the real ring. The best test of its authenticity is the fact that the real amber releases a pleasant pine fragrance when is touched with hot needle whilst the glass or plastic would splinter or give off odor. Moreover, the real amber can float over sea water whereas the others can???t. The selection process can be fun if the user is deciding whether to go for the lone ring or combining it with the Amber necklace. It is important to note that the stone in the Amber ring is quite brittle and can crack easily ??? which is justified by its 2.5 mohs entry on the hardness scale.


Cracked Amber Stone

Because of its low hardness, it is important to keep it away from the otherjewelry or combine it with other stones. The harder stones have the tendency to chip or crack the Amber whilst remaining intact. The best feeling that the wearer of an Amber ring can experience is an elegant glow and it is best to get that feeling in your life.