The importance of jewelry lies in the fact that it can stimulate the impact of the wearer???s personality. Each jewelry piece enhances a different aspect on one???s personality ??? necklace enhances the beauty of upper body portion whereas the earrings bring out facial symmetry. As for the bracelets, they add a spectacular feminine flavor because of the fact that they highlight the hand roundness. These make the bracelets one of the most sophisticated jewelry pieces and these emphasize the love of details that several are seen to carry. One can surely imagine the charm of having a gorgeous purple colored gemstone shimmering around the slender wrist of an individual and that is the reason behind its high demand.

Tanzanite braceletAside from the traditional favorite gemstones – sapphires, rubies and diamonds, a tanzaniteTanzanite single layer bracelete bracelet can definitely be quite a signature for those who appreciate the exclusive and the exceptional for their hands. The emeralds are seen to be aristocratic whereas the diamonds are expensive but the most exotic look can be provided by a violet blue colored tanzanite shimmering around the wrist. If the individual who is purchasing the tanzanite bracelet is informed regarding the details then the whole process can become quite fun. The following lines provide some of these details.

Because of it being discovered just four decades ago, this Tanzanite & Diamond Bracelet 14K Goldstone is relatively new and the mining of the same is restricted to a remote eastern African region. This means that the price of the stone is quite high and the ten carat variations come in a price range of more than thousand dollars for a carat whereas the smaller, unclear one to three carat version of the stone varies around three to four hundred dollars for a carat. The most coveted quality in the stone is its assortment of colors that combines blue and purple with a spectacular mix of lights in the backdrop.

While the stone is seen to be more violet in the smaller variations, the stone of the higher size is seen to be bluer. The stone is quite soft and just like in the case of emeralds the softer stone variations are quite prone and sometimes full of brittle fractures. These are quite sensitive and can change when subjected to sudden temperature changes, pressures and even knocks. This is why the wearer of tanzanite bracelet should take special protection and care when cleaning and wearing the stone.Tanzanite White Gold Bracelets