Those who wish to gain information on tanzanite should know about the name Manuel D???souza who in 1967 was travelling eastern African region

Tanzanite shadesin the search or rare quality sapphires and rubies. Just around Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, he happened to discover a number of blue rocks which were mistaken as sapphire. However, he didn???t have the knowledge that this stone would soon enchant the whole world and would be named tanzanite named after the place from which it was originated. This is immensely popular with gemstone lovers around the world and has great demand in Japan, European nations and America.

Because of the fact that tanzanite stone is very rare and only occurs in Tanzania or Arusha and Merelani Hill, the high value and the demand of the stone are increased.Tanzanite and diamond ring Because of the absence of inadequate financing and sophisticated mining provisions, the production isn’t able to attain the high demand value and that is another reason why it is considered precious. The tanzanite weighing around one to three carat sizes and in the moderate color range with visible inclusions are seen to be priced around four hundred dollars. The top quality of tanzanite is seen to be priced at over thousand dollars a carat. As far as the chemical variation of the stone is concerned, the stone is a variation of Zoisite and member of the Epidote range which also combines aluminium and calcium silicate.

If picked up directly from the mines, the stone is seen to feature a brown shade with a mixture of light orange hue and this is considered to Heart Shape Tanzanitebe a primary form of the stone. The stone is treated at a high temperature which is around seven hundred degree Celsius and this is important for the enhancement of the color. The moderate treatment can bring out colors that range from the intense and light blue violet. The most important factor which determines the price of the tanzanite and also the ring on which it is used is the color combination of the stone. The price is also justified because it borrows the royal color of the sapphire and also the amethyst???s purple luster.

The blue colored stones are quite rare and are always seen with an overtone of purple color. This is why the naturally blue colored are considered quite desirable and sold at higher prices. Nowadays, it is seen that the presence of purple and blue color components in the tanzanite ring doesn???t dictate the price of the tanzanite ring.Tanzanite Flower shape ring