??James Allen engagement ring stores are much renowned and need little introduction. Founded by James Allen Schultz with the ardent support of his wife Michelle, Jamesallen.com has become one of the leading online engagement ring stores. The popularity of these stores has now reached far and wide and albeit there is much similarity to Blue Nile; James-Allen James Allen has an edge over it. This was initially known as dirtcheapdiamonds.com when it was founded in the year 1998 and after a span of seven years it was re-launched as Jamesallen.com which sounds better. Much alike Blue Nile its foundation also happened by chance when the founder himself was in search of a personal diamond engagement ring. Being fed up with limited options, he decided to launch his own site and thus came into existence one of the most demotic online engagement ring store.


If you are desirous of getting hold of one of the most beautiful and artistically crafted diamond engagement ring, you can consider James Allen. You can be assured of the cut of the diamond which is evident in its glow. Each piece of the diamond looks radiant and you cannot doubt its clarity. Even the carat that you get is just genuine enough and is worth every penny that you spend in its purchase. They are all certified by GIA and AGS and this can give you an assurance of their quality. James Allen has reached a zenith that very few online stores have succeeded in reaching in such a short span of time. It is the premier source of online diamond engagement ring stores and has an edge to the most top notched ones in this trade.AgsMuch alike Blue Nile, James Allen too has a team of wholesale vendors whose diamonds are sold under this brand. The difference lies in the fact that unlike Blue Nile, this brand makes sure that they have physical access to each and every diamond in their inventory. Also, they opt for only those diamond traders who have an office within a minimal distance to their own office in New York. Every diamond that is listed in their inventory is touched by them and effort is made to provide full satisfaction to their clients. They truly don???t seem like mere mercenaries and this is something that is commendable from the perspective of the consumers. Another eye catching feature of James Allen that impressed me most was the magnified photographs of every diamond present in their inventory. Since the volume of diamonds present in their inventory is not as massive a Blue Nile, it helps the consumers to make quick decision. These stores deal in only diamond engagement rings and if there are much more variety and choices it might just make the entire process of selection very cumbersome.


Another feature that can draw your attraction towards James Allen is their packaging. It is often said that presentation must be very appealing and the way it is done by them is absolutely worth accolades. They ship their product in an elegant Fedex box which contains the thick sized board box having the name ???James Allen??? embossed on it. It really catches your attention instantly and you impatiently wait for the content. If the outer covering is so presentable, you wonder how elegant the content would appear once it is unveiled. The keen attention that is reflected in their packaging is enough to impress the customers about the product and leaves no ray of doubt about their authenticity. The packaging is not just too classy but very secure too and you can be assured that the product has reached you very safely.


The drawback that you might face while purchasing diamond engagement ring from James Allen is in the shapes of the diamond. You have very limited choice in most shapes especially Oval, Heart and Marquise shapes. This might sound disappointing for most consumers who look for different shapes to give their rings an attractive appeal. Another disappointing feature that you might come across with James Allen is their setting styles which are too mediocre. There is no uniqueness about the setting styles of the diamond engagement rings. Hence, I would personally not recommend them for pre-set diamond engagement rings albeit they are certainly the best if you desire to build your own diamond engagement ring. The fact that the diamonds sold by them are not their own but of local wholesalers also dissuades many people from approaching James Allen. Nevertheless this fact must not be given such serious recommendation since it is known that any diamond that lies in their inventory undergoes thorough inspection before it reaches the consumers.?? This review must have widened your knowledge and perspective on one of the best and well known online diamond merchants. Although James Allen owes an edge to most other online diamond selling sites yet the few drawbacks might hinder you from buying your engagement ring from them.


If you agree with my point of view you certainly need to consider Zoara, your ultimate solution to purchasing diamond engagement rings online. I do not deny the fact that this company is almost a novice in this trade yet I can assure that this fact must not be counted for the authenticity of the product they deliver. Zoara is free from any sort of inconvenience that you face in some other leading online diamond purchase sites. Once you purchase your ring from Zoara, it would be you recommending this brand to your well-wishers just the way I do. It certainly needs a lot to gain that popularity and assurance that Zoara has managed in such short period of time. Their effort reflects in their product and this is what attracts the consumers at large. The branding possessed by Zoara is pretty impressive and the price is simply rock-bottom. You would be astonished to know the discounts offered by them in addition to some other rebate that is offered through a coupon code.


Unlike James Allen which I don???t recommend to anyone for pre-set diamond rings, Zoara comes up to your expectations even in that matter. No matter whether you have some ideas on designs or not the vast array of options in their site is sufficient to help you choose your desired product. Also you can view the magnified photographs of all the diamonds very closely. You can get not just your desired shape but your desired size too which would make the special engagement ring truly special in every aspect. You can get one of the best diamonds not just in cut and carat but clarity too assuring you of all the three important C???s that are often used to judge a diamond.?? Whether you are too techno savvy or not, their user friendly website would help you to order your desired ring without any kind of hassles. For me and millions of trusted customers worldwide, it is certainly their price that lures the most. The price offered by Zoara is comparatively lesser than most well known brands and obviously everyone loves to save some money. This does not in any way leaves any doubt about the authenticity of their diamond and you can be rest assured of that. Although the volume of their inventory is not as large as some well known brands of online diamond purchase yet you can be certain of getting your desired product at Zoara and you can trust me for that??????!


Their service is simply outstanding and the grade of service provided by them is simply unparalleled. You would feel the same once you get yourself listed among the trusted customers of Zoara and I am assured there would be no turning back. You can use the Coupon code: JMLKJA??for 9% Discount at ZOARA.??Their delivery and shipping service is too efficient and quick and you won???t believe the pre-set ring I ordered from Zoara was delivered to me immediately. Although some more time is required by them in case the ring you order is not a pre-set one. Even in that case the maximum time taken is meager 4-5 working days and that is quite reasonable.


Unfortunately I was not present at my dwelling at the first delivery attempt and the representatives at Zoara were generous enough to give me a call and ask if it would be fine if the delivery was made the next day. It was such a humble gesture and I was overwhelmed. Even after receiving the ring the next day I was intimidated with a call to know if everything was O.K and if there was any inconvenience as such. Even then box that contained the ring was beautifully packed and it was too elegant. For a while I just couldn???t draw my eyes away from the packaging. Along with the product I had ordered I also received an AGS certification to assure me of the authenticity of the diamond.


That???s not all and the most amazing part of service of Zoara is yet to be revealed. This is the refund process in case the consumer is dissatisfied with the product delivered. It is as simple as ABC and just with an email you can get your refund in an exceedingly short period. What more could you ask for when you get such commendable services along with such genuine product!