There has been a lot of buzz recently in the world of social media; people are sharing different ways of proposing their lovers all over the world. A recent video that I watched had a grand dance proposal at the mall with about 500 dancers, creative isn???t it? It sure is, but the sad truth of life is that most people actually don???t have that kind of money to hire 500 dancers, if they could even hire one mortal soul in the world they would never be in love to begin with but keeping aside all the jokes another fact is that, an idea of that kind of proposal is completely stale now, since its inception the idea has been repeated like a billion times. Heck, I am stuck in the traffic right now because an idiot is performing the same in the open road as I write this note.


What???s next? Well if you actually look forward to propose your loved one with an engagement ring??there are always other ways. One of my favorite is the jealous love technique. To propose someone in a decent fashionable manner or make your love grand you actually don???t need to pain others or at least most of them. Young people would understand me, yes love is melodious and sweet as syrup but we can also add a hint of wickedness to that interesting cocktail and still boast on the ship of the best proposal ever.




Here is what you do; well you obviously need someone to help you to pull this off but not as much as 500 people, not even 5 but only 2 of your lover???s closest friends. Select your lover???s best 2 female friends, and call your lover that you are going out of town for some work. Now as she believes ask her second friend to play with your lover???s mind, start a rumor that her first friend and you are secretly dating and about to make out in a posh hotel suite. Your lover will obviously jealous will take her friend and charge to the hotel with her nostrils flaring and that???s where she sees the entire suite lit with candles with rose petals everywhere. And then from behind you come up with the engagement ring??and champagne in your hands, you propose her and what are you waiting for? Take the relationship to the next level, the suite is already booked. Well of course that sure depends on if she has said a charming ???YES.???