The emeralds and the name Cleopatra have a lot of history together because of the fact that Cleopatra used to prize this gem more than any other stone in her collection and also used to own her very own mines. Because of the beautiful green color on the emerald that is seen to be a synonym to life itself, the topmost gemologists believe that this stone has the capability to be worshipped and loved as long as this planet exists. For beginners, this stone is also the birthstone for those who are born in the month of May and is also considered to be the 35th and 20th anniversary gem. Moreover, people believe that this green color has a positive impact on the wearer???s mind with brining more vitality to the health.

Cleopatra. 18KT yellow gold emerald necklace 300x217 Journey of Emerald StoneEmerald has seen to hold a lot of ancient heritage with the royals, nobles, kings and queens in the Indian and Egyptian regions. Earlier all green stones used to be compared to this gem but with time and scientific enhancements, the chromium Egyptian Inspired Boivin Emerald and Diamond Ring Journey of Emerald Stonepresence has seen to segregate the precious stone from the rest of the crowd. From the family of beryl, this gemstone is quite expensive in its clean and pure form. For example, the emerald free of inclusions and even one carat in weight costs more than six hundred dollars. The price of the stone varies a lot with its clarity and color and it has a hardness value of a high eight on the strength scale.

The best variations of the emerald are seen to come from the Chivor, Coscuez and Muzo in Columbia. Moreover, the Emerald Mine situated in California near the brushy mountains is quite popular for being open to public. A lot of emerald deposits are seen to be found in Africa and Brazil with the Asian countries Afghanistan, Pakistan and India seeming to have their own good supply of the gemstone. For quite some time, Egypt and Russia used to hold the key sources of the green colored gemstone.Diorearrings 300x132 Journey of Emerald StoneWhen in hands of a skilled craftsman, it is possible to sometimes experience the vibrancy and brilliance of this precious gemstone. However, even small diversions during the cutting and orientation can affect the gemstone???s value in their final stages. The inclusions in the stone are gotten rid of by placing the emeralds in oil and this part is done right after they have been extracted.

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