It was their fiftieth anniversary and he decided that he???d surprise her for the first time ever since they???d gotten married. He planned to take her for a walk to the beach around 5.30 pm. As strange as it may seem, sunsets brought tears to her eyes and he loved watching her then. He???d come to understand that, the love between them had been more of a silent understanding and all those years they shared had suddenly been of more value to him than his life itself. It had taken him 50 years to understand what she meant to him and he wanted to tell her. This was a chance he didn???t want to lose. He wanted her to feel like the center of his world. It was all planned. The walk through the stretch of the beach followed by a Jane Austen???s ???Pride and the Prejudice??? and a candle light dinner with champagne.

It was finally their wedding day, much like their usual days. But there was love. She could sense it too. The plan was beginning to fall in place. He couldn???t contain his excitement. At exactly 5pm, they left for their walk. She silently sobbed while watching the sunset and slowly held his hand. The rest of the walk was in quiet. The movie came in as a surprise to her. Nevertheless, she happily nestled in his arms recollecting the classic love stories she???d read as a teen. Her happiness knew no bounds that night. The plan was bang on. The movie was followed by the dinner which he???d cooked for the two. She was elated. Wonder what term would suffice for what came next! At the end of the meal, the last thing expected was seeing him down on his knees with the diamond ring and whisper, ???Will you marry me, again????

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