Ornaments have always been a part of mankind. Wearing jewelry??or it could be said that, accessorizing oneself dates back to thousands of years. Be it a diamond ring, diamond ear rings, engagement rings or any other jewel piece, people all over the world liked to adorn themselves with??jewelry??pieces. They wear??jewelry??pieces appropriate to their culture, customs, traditions or simply just because due to their liking to a particular piece of jewelry.
Rings are made of materials such as metal, silver, gold diamond, wood, bone, precious stones, platinum etc. They are often a favorite piece of jewel among people. Historically, there has been a custom of giving and receiving??jewelry?? be it the engagement rings or the diamond rings. This practice of giving and receiving rings depend upon the customs and traditions of the people. It also depends upon the people???s religious beliefs and also the occasion that it demands. It could also be said that the practice of giving and receiving??jewelry??shows the status of a particular tribe or group of people.
Jewelry??is usually bought during occasions such as engagement, marriage and anniversaries. It is a tradition to give rings such as engagement rings and diamond rings as a promise of marriage proposed in the future by a man to his girl. Marriage proposed with diamond solitaire rings is also common among people. People also buy diamond rings, diamond ear rings and other form of??jewelry??such as gold during festivals such a Akshaya Tritiya (also known as Akha Teej). It is widely believed by the people that, buying??jewelry??during such festivals have certain auspiciousness attached to it. It is believed that valuable bought and worn on this day bring success and good fortune And what with the availability of diamond rings, diamond ear rings and engagement rings in various designs, shapes, sizes and also from certain period or dynasty from history (for example, Mughal dynasty, temple??jewelry?? etc) as well as in new latest designs and fashion trends; man is completely awestruck and overwhelmed to posses various??jewelry.
It could be very well said that, man from time immemorial have been fascinated and enthralled to create, buy, posses and wear??jewelry??pieces such as diamond rings, diamond ear rings, engagement rings and various other varieties of jewelry.