Well as we were about to kick start the wedding season this November, I got an interesting email from a friend in Chicago who asked me how to propose his girlfriend for musical proposal Muscially Yoursmarriage? I gave him an idea and it worked wonders and as I write this blog their wedding card is staring me from the desk. My friend certainly encouraged that since I have great proposal ideas why don???t I share a few with the world for the sake of lovelorn gentlemen like him, to which I laughed cause there is no way I am going to tell it all without a price but on continuous insistence I am sharing the grandest of them all.

Love is not a feeling to hide; it???s something that one should always be proud of. Love needs intense care and nurturing and if you do not take good care of it, it might just fade off. But when you are about to take your love vehicle to the next stop you have to make it grand.

Every relationship has a journey, from the moment the lovers meet to the particular day of proposal, the innocent dates, the hilarious incidents, and the first kiss among other first things. All those moments are always there with you and when you are about to propose your lover why not revisit all the lovely moments again in form of a musical presentation. All you need to do is hire a dramatics or musical company and narrate your love story. Of course everything comes for a price and with such a grand gesture you cannot pass off with an ordinary engagement ring, remember engagement rings and weddings rings are there with you through your entire life make them precious and be an open heart when you spend on it.

Now on the day of the grand musical invite your lover???s family and friends but make sure that your lover has no idea about what the musical which actually depict, hell you can even say it???s a modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, these cheesy lines are never out of fashion. As she is stunned and surprised, have the spotlight on her and an instant proposal with that diamond studded engagement ring will fill her with tears of joy and an indispensable urge to spend the rest of her life with you.

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