The natural pearls have the honor of being mentioned in some of the most important historical texts in the world for example,

Muslims, Buddhists, Indians and even the bible. The powerful pearl allure can be accounted from the fact that a pearl necklace which is twenty centuries old was found on a mummy sarcophagus. The ancients used to believe that pearls housed mystical energies and that???s why armors used to be encrusted with them so that the wearers can be protected in the battles. It is unsure who discovered the pearl first from the sea but this is a fact that it has captivated individuals around the planet.

Most people know that pearls are formed inside of oysters. When an oyster fragmentFreshwater pearl necklace irritates the mollusk skin, it then coats the offending fragment with several layers and that creates a pearl. The pearl luster is because of the number of coatings that are done on it and it also contributes towards its round shape. The natural pearls are mostly found in salt water and freshwater mollusks. A number of civilizations used to treasure this gem including the Arabs, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese and Indians with the Romans being called as the most enamored by this piece of jewelry.

There is a story that Cleopatra had once dissolved one pearl into wine so that she could win a bet and there is another story which says thatpearl ring a roman general once sold a pearl and financed his entire military. However, astoundingly, the Polynesian nations and Japanese never used to care for the natural pearls and sometimes used to give these to their children so that they could play with the gem like marbles. The natural pearls were quite costly in the past and anyone possessing pearl strings was considered to be powerful and wealthy. Moreover, an even more expensive status symbol in the older periods was getting a necklace with matching pearls.

Not only for jewelry and ornamentation, pearls in ancient times were woven onto the Pearl with diamondwealthy class and royals??? clothes. As aforementioned, the Romans used to love this gem and this fact can be corroborated from the story that Romanian women used to cover their robes and other cloth with pearls whilst the wealthy ones also using them for couch decoration. Then in the subcontinent, the Indians state the pearl is one of the gems that is associated with the moon (there are eight other planetary gems) whilst wearing it can provide the wearer with great mind strength.