Diamonds are basically known to be the costliest precious stone existing on earth by the people in general. Not all hold exact or even a bit of knowledge about its history and existence. Mostly people refer to it as an ornamental stone used for making various kind of jewelries.

Diamond are a??meta-stable??allotrope??of carbon which were formed when the carbon atoms got arranged in a face centered crystal cubic structure called the diamond lattice. But for its intense luster it gained high importance in the field of creating jewelries and ornaments. And commonly it is used for making finger rings!


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Diamond Engagement rings are made of various shapes and designs
according to the taste and preference of the consumers. They are available in all sorts of range depending upon the size of the diamond. Mostly people buy diamond rings on the occasion of engagement or marriage. Engagement rings and preset rings are often designed taking into consideration the fact that a couple would want their engagement ring to signify love and togetherness. While designing the engagement rings or the preset rings the designer is always particular about the ideas so as to make it match with the sentiments of the occasion. After all no matter how much you load a bride with various jewelries, for her the engagement ring on her finger will be the sole reason for her to feel beautiful.


Wedding rings are also designed with diamonds. At times these wedding??rings are designed in combination with while gold or platinum. The costs of combination of white gold with diamonds are less expensive in comparison to the combination of platinum with diamond. But as we know it???s not the cost that matters but the grace of the gift! Exchange of wedding rings in a wedding ceremony symbolizes the exchange of various emotions and leads to the beginning of chapter in the lives of the couple and their families. A wedding ring will thus always hold a sacred place in the rituals of the wedding ceremony. And the incomparable beauty of diamonds studded on a wedding ring plays an important role in enhancing its piousness!


The ever increasing demand for diamonds for gifting purposes has never been a recent phenomenon; it has been the same several years ago and seems to be the same ahead. Diamond rings can never experience a fall in demand in the society for it is the??most-valued??and wanted precious stone among all those which are in existence.