Onyx is credited to be as one of the most beautiful and alluring gemstones available to humans at this point of time. Moreover,

Sterling Silver Scrolled Design With Oval Onyx Stone Pendant ch cihd cfaw 170x300 Onyx Factsits lustrous black color and fine texture justifies the myth that this stone has actually been originated from Venus. Keeping the myths aside, this is actually formed from the lava gas cavities and is chalcedony quartz which is seen to come under the category of microcrystallines. The Greek myths are seen to be so fascinating that even in this modern age a lot of people are attracted to it and one of the myths was the appearance of the stone onyx. It is said that the Greek goddess Venus had her fingernails cut by a mischievous cupid and while the creature was running away the finger clips were scattered on the ground. These were later designed by god and the nails were change into the onyx stone. This word means fingernails in the Greek language and that is where the whole story comes from.

The stone is seen to basically carry a multilayered agates stones and depending on the different layers of colors, the stone is divided into several categories. The one which has an upper white layer and a stone black base is called onyx while some variations of this one are seen to carry lighter and white reddish bands or silicon dioxide against brown backgrounds which are also called sardonyx. The onyx with red bases is called cornelian onyx. In all the aforementioned types, the black variation is seen to be the most popular and it is called the grey chalcedony.ux fj0701150ux0031 ux c 300x144 Onyx FactsThe rich blackness of this color is seen to come from profuse chemical treatments.0046665 medium Onyx Facts This process of bringing out the black color is one by saturating the stone in solution of chlorammonium and cobalt chlorate. Immersing the stone for a long time in sugar solutions and then heating them in sulphuric acid so that the sugar is carbonized leaves the brilliant black coloration on the stone.

With a moderate hardness ranking of 6.5 on the mohs scale, the texture of the gem is quite ideal for material artists, lapidary artists and even for carvers. Although one can find its mining being done around the world but the most important and the biggest place is in Brazil. The ones coming from here as seen to carry the most untreated chalcedony whilst some other big producers around the world include Madagascar, Uruguay, USA, California and India.



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