The gemstones are special materials which can depict a number of spectacular optical phenomenons.

A stunning Opal ring displaying opalescence Opal???s Opalescence EffectThese phenomena are seen to be the unique property of that gemstone and add a lot of quality and character to that stone. Moreover, this property can also be used for identifying the gemstone but sometimes there are some stones which are popular for showing several spectacular optical phenomenons and one such gem are the opal. It is a popular fact that the opal is renowned for the color play phenomenon but it also exhibits another characteristic which is called opalescence. These are two different and special characteristics exhibit by the opal.

The turbid and milky aspects of the gem are known as opalescence and this phenomenon is mostly seen in potch opal or common opal. 0 MilkyCZRing Opal???s Opalescence EffectThese are not known for showing the color play phenomenon. Opal can be bought in a range of colors which include black, brown, green, yellow, red, gray, milky blue, white and colorless but the ones which are in the common form can display the opalescence effect. Basically, this is caused due to the short wavelength light reflection and occurs in blue spectrum. Because of the light action, a pearly and milky blue appearance forms on the opal and this is called opalescence.

The pattern and structure of this gemstone is the reason why it exhibits the specialP190HomePage 300x252 Opal???s Opalescence Effect phenomenon which also causes the short wavelength reflection. Opal is an amorphous silicate form which is made of microscopic silicate spheres with little water in the voids between spheres. It is possible that air can also be trapped in between the spheres and the amount of that can vary from three to twenty percent. In the common opals, the spheres and the openings between them are quite large. Because of this, the light doesn???t bend while traveling in them which mean that no diffraction has to take place.

However, instead of diffraction, the light scatters in different directions. This light scatter effect caused by the gemstone creates a different hazyl 2632 Opal???s Opalescence Effect effect in the internal opal particles and this whole phenomenon is called as opalescence. Those who wish to see this phenomenon in its full effect should acquire a cabochon cut opal. Cabochon is the name given for a gemstone which is cut in a domed and tall shape stone. In this case, the whole opal surface is seen to exhibit the wonderful property of opalescence.

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