One of the best characteristics of opal is that it can be transformed into any jewelry type. However, the jewelry form that can really do this gemstone proud is the earring and wearers of the stone are seen to place themselves on different angles so that the glitter and shimmer of the stone can create a magnificent spell on the onlooker and the wearer itself. In the form of an earring, this stone easily catches the light glint which causes it to glitter and shimmer. The silica gel presence causes light refraction and the silica spheres also work as a prism to cause the light to break into several colors. In order to bring out this color play, the stone is cut and then polished into a number of shapes while the impurities are also removed. Sometimes they are also covered in plastic coating so that they can be protected from external factors.opal Earrings Omega BacksIn the form of earrings, opals look very attractive and smart. These can be made ipink opal earringsn the form of chandeliers, prong sets, hoops, danglers, hugs, knots and studs. The user could go just for the opal earrings or match mix them with gold or silver while some users also go for inlays. The rarest and the most expensive form of this gem is the black opal. The dark background of this gem is the best method to display the different colors whether those are burnt orange, fire red or even startling blues.

This desirable opal comes from the Lightening Ride mine in Australia. Another expensive form which is quite impressive in the form of studs is the Mexican fire opal. The second best in these is the crystal opal which is transparent and has a magnificent color display. This piece is desired a lot because of the different colors it possesses such as a red dash, sea green, pink, blue, violet and other rainbow colors.Marquise_Cut_Mexican_Fire_Opal_EarringsThis multi colored gemstone becomes more expensive as the transparency of the stone increases. Worn in the form of knots or studs,Opal-earrings-14k-white-gold-diamond-opal or even in the form of grape clusters or prong sets, this stone radiates like the luminous moon and also exhibits the celestial warmth carried by the moon. Then there is the white opal which comes in different colors but is opaque and not quite expensive. Also known as light opal, it looks very stark but under the light it exhibits a subdued albeit natural glow. The dominant colors which flash out of this thing are crimson and blue.