One of the nature???s most astonishing gifts is opal which is sent for just admirers and those who love gemstones. Because of its attractive sparkle, color play and tender shine, it is the favorite stone of many a people. The name of the stone is derived from the Sanskrit Upala which means a very valuable stone. This stone is a royal gem which means that it is quite expensive and valuable and this thing makes it easier for people to get duped when going to buy the stone. In order to avoid the problems associated with buying a stone that is fake, it is best to be aware regarding the properties of the stone and remember them while buying.

200168 P230OP SIZE 18 Opal Facts and Buying GuideIt is seen that opal purchase over the internet is not considered good because it is difficultl 2203 opal ruby butterfly earrings Opal Facts and Buying Guide to take pictures of this gem. The photos used are quite exaggerating and they don???t justify the price that is being asked for the stones. The color which appears on the photograph is a lot different from the real thing. It is important to look for domed stones as these are less likely to break off and are stronger. Some other characteristics of the stone include varieties, cut, color etc. and these thing should be studied carefully.

The first characteristic or judging point is the varieties of the stone and opals come in two different types which are differentiated1000631 5966LCB A 400 300x243 Opal Facts and Buying Guide because of their color play. The common opals are those which lack the color play and are also named as potch. Almost all buyers are looking for opals that exhibit the property of color play, the value of this opal is quite less. It is given consideration when it comes in the colorless form and this form has to be treated regularly to make sure that the stone remains attractive. Then there is the precious opal which consists of the spherical arrangement of different opals that then display a spectacular color play.

These spheres are actually hard transparent crystals that are set inside the stone in 3 41FSSY6FHJL. SL500 AA280  Opal Facts and Buying Guidedimensional arrangements. When the light passes through this, the spheres produce several colors of the rainbow thereby making a color play. The precious form of opal comes in different forms which are solids, doublets and triplets. The most expensive ones are the solids which come in a single piece. Then there are the two piece ones which are priced less than the single ones. The triplets are priced even less and these are cemented with black backs so that the stone remains together.


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