Legends say that opals have been present on this earth since

White opal necklacethe time of the dinosaurs. Moreover, their artistic colors and shine has attracted many a royal personalities, astrologers and kings. These stones were used by astrologers so as to forecast the events of the future. These are also named as ancient stones. These weren???t given the respect and popularity a gemstone receives earlier but were just used as colorful stones that please the eye. However, with the passage of time, the value, importance and the demand of opals has raised immensely. The best quality of this gemstone is that it has the unique ability to refract and reflect the sunlight or white light into all the rainbow colors.

This multi colored gemstone has become a bit costlier over time and it is also related to agate and quartz who itself is a cousin to crystal. This is one of the few gems which are formed on the sedimentary rocks where water is seen to be an important element. This gem is the birthstone for those born in the October month and these October borns are advised to wear this so that they can achieve success in their respective fields or careers. Moreover, people who wear necklace or lockets carved with opals are seen to experience an increase in memory and the opal earrings are considered to highly enhance the wearer???s beauty.oct_opalHence, it is quite possible to acquire both brain and beauty by wearing opal in some fAustralian-Opal-pendantorm of the other. If one wishes to buy the gem, it is best to gain knowledge about it before because there are a number of fraudulent sellers out there who are just interested in conning unaware consumers from their money. Opal is such a wonderful gemstone that when it is formed into a jewelry piece then there isn’t looking back for the seller as well as the buyer. Women who wear lockets, nose rings, earrings, necklace or any other ornament rave and rave about the fact that their ornaments look quite stunning.

The characteristic of opal is that it likes to breathe fresh air which means that it can be easily worn on any body part. Those who let it come in contact with their skin might also like the mystical energies and the positive vibrations that it brings with itself. Most experts suggest that wearing opal on fingers, ears and neck can be good.