Peridot is basically a French word which has been derived from Faridat (an Arabic word) whose literal transation means gem. Also named as Chrysolite and Olivine, this stone was first found thousand years ago in the

August-Birthstone-peridotRed Sea on an Egyptian Island. This stone is seen to have a great spiritual, religious and traditional significance. The stone also has astrological benefits and is seen as anniversary stone for sixteenth year and the birthstone for august borns. Most astrologists believe that this stone believes to possess a positive and friendly energy. The wearers are also shown to experience feelings that are related to clear heart, emotional security, happiness and joy. Moreover, it is also seen to provide marital bliss to the person wearing the stone which also brings in characteristics like prevention, dignity and purity.

As for the world cultures, Romans, Egyptians and Russians are always showcased to peridit ringhave a strong belief in this gem. Their beliefs pertained on the characteristics of the stone showcasing relief and healing from mental and physical issues. Moreover, it is also seen to cure diseases like heart problems, lungs, asthma etc. Because of these values, the stone has become quite popular in a number of jewelry items that include necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings and rings. However, the rings made from the peridot gemstone are considered to be around the world.

The crystals of peridot are mostly around rocks that have been formed because of volcano bursts. Composed of magnesium silicate, this Sterling-silver-14k-yellow-gold-plated-ringcompound is the reason the stone exhibits green yellow color. The prime peridot sources around the world are USA and Myanmar. However, less quantity of the stone is seen in Norway, Egypt, China, Brazil and Australia. Quite recently, several new peridot deposits were also located in the POK region of Himalaya Mountains. Because of this finding, the stone is now available readily in the south Asian region. This has also enhanced the popularity of the peridot rings.

The rings which hold the peridot gem is quite beautiful and gives a very conventional Peridot gold ringand sober look to the person wearing the ring. One can get a number of designs and varieties in the jewelry shops. Before selecting, it is important to check the color of the stone which is majorly yellowish green. Even if there are variations, the color always has a light green tint which can be quite commonly seen on the grass color. There is also a yellowish tint whose quantity changes the variation of the stone.