PrimeStyle ??? Where Jewelry Meets Style, is a diamond manufacturer and an online jewelry provider located in the heart of New York City. PrimeStyle began as a diamond jewelry seller on eBay in 1999 and later their??eCommerce??site was established in the year 2001.

Right??from the??inception of??PrimeStyle???s online presence,it has been delivering finely designed and quality jewelry??at factory??prices to all its customer; something that most people ask for while purchasing their jewelry ??? affordability and quality.

When it comes to cost and prices, PrimeStyle easily outperforms its fellow competitors on the Internet. It offers up to 78% of discount on its engagement rings, diamond bracelets, earrings, semi mounts and other jewelry that it offers.

It began supplying online jewelry to customers in United States and later expanded its presence to entire North America and several countries in Europe and Australia.

What???s good about PrimeStyle diamond jewelry website is that, it has neat and appealing design that connects well with the audience. The first thing you get to see is the great offers you they have for their customers. From attractive discounts on Christmas jewelry to beautiful wedding sets collection, PrimeStyle???s website welcomes the customers with few good offers.

Moving down, the website offers a search tool to look for diamond cuts based on the customers??? interests. From round brilliant cut to as scher cut to pear cut, PrimeStyleallows the users to check their favorite diamond cut jewelry.

It then brings the visitors directly to the jewelry options they have to offer from different category of jewelry pieces. They are offering bridal sets, anniversary rings, engagement rings, stud earrings, tennis bracelets and solitaire pendants. Below that section are the PrimeStyle Best Sellers.

The company has been providing beautiful jewelry at discounted price that at times, it gets exciting for the buyers.

PrimeStyle believes in providing a great customer service experience to their customers. They offer a live chat support for immediate assistance, have a 30 day refund policy with clear instructions on the refund process and offer free shipping for all its items.

Even if youresearch around the Internet, you will find most of the customers to be extremely satisfied with their product line, service and the jewelry they purchased from the online jewelry store.

There are several testimonials of the customers who speak about the satisfactory experience they had while purchasing from PrimeStyle. All these factors represent that the jewelry provider is concerned about how their customers feel and experience while purchasing from their website.?? And, it???s a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyers.

Uniqueness of jewelry and affordability (factory prices) has been the driving pillars of PrimeStyle???s rapid growth so far.Irrespective of what diamond jewelry one chooses to buy ???engagement rings, wedding sets,diamond pendant, there is a wide range of options to choose from, at PrimeStyle.

Even if you???re a layman in using Internet and technology, PrimeStyle???s easy-to-navigate website allows you to buy your favorite jewelry in a hassle-free way. All you have to do is select the jewelry piece you like, choose the metal(gold, platinum and white gold), choose the carat weight, enter the size of the ring (if you???re purchasing a ring) and add to cart. It is as simple as that!

You see, there are plenty of options for you to go for a customized diamond jewelry piece. Once purchased, you???ll have the lifetime warranty on the products, 30 day refund policy free shipping at factory prices that no other jewelry service provider offers. Not that I could think of any!

PrimeStyle is always looking for ways to improve the experience of their customers; in fact, if you frequent their website, you???ll find some or the other improvement in every few days. That I think is a sign of an online store that considers customer satisfaction as their priority. In fact they recently enhanced their designed and made the site much brighter, faster and easy to navigate too.

The online jewelry store also keeps increasing their inventory and the categories of the jewelry offer. For example, for Christmas, the company created a completely new section called ???Christmas Gifts,??? to provide beautiful Christmas jewelry to its customers. They also recently added ???Wedding Sets???in which they???re offering diamond studded yellow gold and platinum based wedding band sets.

PrimeStyle seem to be one of the few stores that take their customers knowledge about diamonds and diamond jewelry seriously along with customer service, quality and prices. They have an extremely active blog that educates audience about diamond jewelry in the form of guides, regular blog posts, diamond jewelry news, presentations and infographics too.

To conclude, is a worth-considering online jewelry store for all your diamond jewelry and especially engagement rings requirement. So, for all your jewelry requirement ??? whether it is wedding bands or engagement rings or bracelets and pendants.