Buying, wearing, possessing, giving and receiving diamond rings, diamond ear rings and engagement rings alone will not ensure a clean and sparkling piece of jewelry. Day-to-day maintenance of jewelry is utmost essential to retain that sparkling brilliance in the diamond rings, diamond ear rings and diamond engagement rings. And for this, daily washing hands alone will not keep the ring clean. Proper care must be taken to ensure a sparkling ring. Few steps in this regard include,


?? Care must be taken to remove the diamond rings, diamond ear rings, engagement rings and other jewelry before cleaning the house with chemicals. Since these chemicals have the potential to destroy the stones, their color and sheen.

?? While playing games, the rings must be removed to avoid any damage occurring to the precious stones in the ring.

?? While cooking, care must be taken to protect the diamond rings from heat arising out of the stove.

?? Care must be ensured by women while applying make-ups, lotions, perfumes, sprays, since these can harm the diamond ear rings and diamond ear rings. And also, remove the rings before going to the spas, hot tubs etc.

?? Avoid using abrasives as it may spoil the sheen of the precious stones and the ring.

?? Diamond rings, diamond ear rings, engagement rings should be cleaned once in a week. Soak the jewelry in a cup of warm water and soap detergent (or bleach free powdered laundry detergent or baking soda) for 10 to 15 minutes. Later, gently scrub the stone and ring with a soft tooth brush (but avoid too much scrubbing). Then rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth or air dry.

?? Many jewelers provide jewel cleaning solution which could also be used for cleaning the diamond rings and ear rings.


Thus, ensure that the piece of jewelry that you buy is clean, safe with sparkling brilliance.