The first tanzanite collectors are considered to be the Masai herd which is the youngest gemstone in terms of rarity, beauty and popularity. This newly found stone came into light in the end of the sixties and it has been mesmerizing the world of its charm since that time. Considered to be the birthstone for December borns, this stone is seen to have immense healing properties. The hardness of tanzanite on the moh scale is around six or seven. The gemstone ranges in three color shades that include lavender, violet and blue and it is also a Zoisite form which is aluminium calcium silicate. The zoisite color usually ranges from grey, brown to white and the raw tanzanite is also seen to be found with brown irregularly sized inclusions that also have broken ends.

741125 300x225 Properties of TanzaniteAfter heat is applied, the stone is transformed into a color which displays a spectacular violet blue color. The heat to the stone can be applied intanzanite stud earrings 300x147 Properties of Tanzanite a range of three to four hundred degrees. The most desired color of the stone is deep violet blue and by intense heating this color is acquired by the stone. Because of the presence of vanadium, the stone inherits a number of blue shades. The quality of the stone is highest when there is blue in prominence and that decreases with the shade of the color from blue to purple and decreases till reddish pink.

The gemstone has the property of showing several colors when viewed from altered20872 214402011 1 lg 300x214 Properties of Tanzanite directions or it can be said that the effect of the stone is seen differently in different angles. The hues are mainly brown, violet or blue and the brown color is mostly seen when the gemstone is raw. The stone has a dominant lavender and blue color shade and the ones which have more amount of blue in them are seen to be more priced.

The spectacular grandeur and elegance of the stone is mainly because of the fact that the spectacular bluish color is enhanced with a purple ting that pleases anyone seeing it. The rich velvety bluish shade of the purple color can be equated with that of blue sapphires at any time. Just like all other gemstones, the tanzanite cut is important as the cut emphasizes and enhances the brilliance, luster and color of the stone in the best manner. These are cut in a number of shapes that range from round to fancy and these are simply there to enhance the color and brilliance of the stone.Tanzanite 14K White Gold Necklace. Properties of Tanzanite


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