Buy Amethyst Ring

Amethyst is quite popular amongst women because off its purple and semi precious features which seem to make them even more beautiful and bring in a security of the self by calming their mind. This is considered to be the most affordable element one can have and almost all the women can buy this easily and then show off their new sparkle. It is mostly used as the birthstone for the month of February and also as fourth or sixth anniversary stone. Its name has come from the Greek word amethysts which means something that isn’t intoxicated and from here comes the belief that this gemstone can help people cure their drunkenness.


The purple color has always been considered royalty and was also an important part of old jewels and crowns while there are many accounts that say that a lot of queens and princesses??? loved amethyst rings. While at the jewelers, a user would find that there are a range of amethyst rings available in a number of designs but the user should first start with the stone color while buying them. These rings are seen to come in range of purple colors but the most considered are the one with the deepest level of purple color.

Royal CrownThere are several stones which are also seen to exhibit the color violet. This stone comes from igneous and metamorphic rocks which contained silicon minerals. Clarity of AmethystThe violet color is because of the iron element in them. Most people try to go for the rings which are a medium or dark purple color. It is important to make sure that the color is saturated or even in the whole stone.
After this,the clarity of the stone comes in view which makes it important as this amethyst is free from all flaws and inclusions. Because of its transparent nature, it is seen to sparkle and has brightness. Sometimes there are some inclusions and it is best to go for the dark purple shade in this one as its price is less.

After the clarity, the cut of the amethyst stone has to be chosen and this is important because a good cut increases the ring???s beauty. It is crucial for the cut to be well polished, evenly sided and has fine proportions. It can be simple and easy to cut the amethyst because of it being a hard stone. The most common cut for rings is marquise, oval, heart and pear. There are people who go for the square shaped rings as well as the latest designer rings which include some original cuts. One thing which is sure in all cases is that every cut is so versatile and beautiful that it can be hard to go for one which is why it is best to go for the selection which is done on basis of durability and lasting.