One of the most important factors affecting the beauty of the diamond is its shape. The cut and outline of a diamond makes an impact on its appearance. There are various shapes of diamonds available according to the taste and preferences of the consumer.

Diamond can be found in various alternative shapes such as round, emerald, asscher, radiant, cushion, oval, heart and pear.


Round shape:

The gemologists have done more research on round diamonds than diamonds??of any other cut. It appears brighter than diamonds of other cuts because it holds outstanding property of refraction of light. In the process of cutting, the round diamond loses more of its original carat weight as compared to other diamonds.



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Emerald shape:


The cut of an emerald diamond is somewhere in between the rectangle and????square shape. It has got excellent clarity and is more transparent. Its shape is measured in length to width ratio which ranges from 1.25 to 1.5. it is economically considered to be beneficial for a consumer. With the increase in the number of facets provided by the cutter on the diamond, its cost keeps increasing.



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Asscher shape:



It was found by a diamond cutter Joseph Asscher in 1902. It got its name after????his name. The diamond shape length to width ratio that is considered while selecting an asscher??diamond ranges from 1.0 to 1.05.




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Radiant shape:



It was discovered 20 years ago. It has got 70 facets. Its length to width ratio?? for determination of its shape ranges from 1 to 1.05. in case of rectangular radiant diamonds it ranges from 1.15 or greater than that.




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Cushion shape:


It was discovered in 1830. It???s either in rectangular or square in shape and has got rounded sides and corner. For those who are fond of vintage style jewelry, the cushion cut diamond turns out to be their favorite.






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Oval shape:


An oval cut diamond is flattering to the eyes of the viewer for its slender beauty. It has got the same number of facets as that of a round diamond. The oval cut diamond has a length to width ratio between 1.3 and 1.65.





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Pear shape:


This is an elegant pear shaped diamond that looks exactly like a drop of water. It has got on single point and a rounded end. It is also known as a ???teardrop??? or ???drop cut??? diamond. It has got 58 radiant facets. Its length to width ratio ranges between 1.4 and 1.75





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Heart shape:



The heart shape diamonds symbolizes love and affection. They are basically a??perfect choice in case of anniversaries or engagements. They are high quality diamonds with 58 facets. Their length to width ratio ranges between 1 and 1.1.




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Baguette shape:



They are rectangular in shape and their proportions are more like that of an emerald cut. They are long in length with straight sides and four sharp corners. Their length to width ratio ranges as 1.5:1.




Marquise shape



Marquise shape diamond can be maximized the diamond’s carat weight. This can boost the beauty and can make it appear large and this beauty can be enhanced in a natural way. what more do you want when your diamond looks bigger and more attractive. this is one of the best ways of enticing many onlookers.



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There variety in shapes available attracts consumers. Their elegant beauty and grace makes them appear more bright, lustrous and bright.