diamond31 The Biblical Gems

In the bible, a detailed account regarding the preparation of the priestly vestments was given by Moses. However, the Jewish language has several words which are difficult to translate and that is why there is some misunderstanding regarding a lot of phrases and terms. This later resulted in the opinion differences regarding what was mentioned in the phrase which included a mention of Aaron???s priestly vestments. The first thing that is clarified before appreciating the value of gems in the bible???s concept is the lines said by Saint Paul in which he says that the things that are created are formed out of ones which aren???t seen.410qrXXG5hL. SL500 AA300  The Biblical Gems Although a lot has been mentioned about a number of precious stones in the bible, there are several doubts considering the translation of their names. However, as this considers only two minor stones, the fact can be overlooked.

The Prophet Isaiah said the spiritual realities were depicted by using the words diadem, crown and jewels. Some of the stones which were mentioned include chrysoprase, malachite, sardius, chrysolite, carbuncle, jacinth, flint, onyx, chalcedony, alabaster, jasper, beryl, turquoise, carnelian, topaz, agate, amethyst, quartz, crystal, pearl, sapphire, emeralds, rubies and the diamonds. It is seen that even in those times, the most importance was given to the metals which are silver and gold. The wealth of the rulers was dependent on the amount of silver and gold that they had accumulated. The precious stones instead were used as personal adornments and were quite valued for their beauty.

It is mentioned that when the Queen of Sheba was visiting King Solomon, she carried with her a number of precious stone along with other merchandise, silver and gold. The king himself was considered to have a huge collection of gems. Thus the ear rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and silver rings were decorated with a number of gems so as to enhance their value. This also enhanced the status of the person who was wearing them. The most prominent gems were being used to decorate the crowns of the kings and rulers of that time. The Biblical GemsMoreover, the precious stones in the time of the Jews were kept with religious leaders to make them powerful and financially strong. Gold was used for temple decoration while the gemstones were used for beautifying the adornments. As for the Aaron???s priestly vestments, the parts that were decorated with the stones include breastplate of judgment, breastpiece of decision, rational of judgment and the Ephod. The Ephod had two onyx stones whilst the breast piece was decorated with twelve different stones that have been referred to as the Fire Stones.gold diamond ring 300x265 The Biblical Gems



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