Now this proposal works entirely on the element of surprise. You need to make it happen when your girlfriend is least expecting but at a time when??you’ve??decide to get married sooner or later. Spend a romantic evening with her. Sleep in. Make it look like your usual date nights. Say a few good things upon waking up and then decide to make her breakfast-in bed. Whatever is her favorite, make sure the little red box with the diamond ring is placed perfectly between the various crockery.

It???s always better to go with classic English breakfast because diamond rings with paranthas??aren’t??exactly the most desirable proposals. Make sure you place the folding table for breakfast-in-bed, on the bed, when she is in the bathroom- freshening up or something. The diamond ring is such that it??isn’t??noticed right away but make sure it is conspicuous enough. When she is back from the bathroom (and hopefully surprised at what she sees, if you???re not usually the kind of men who make breakfast)- seat her and wait for her to discover the diamond ring, all this while acting all normal and just when she does, get down on one knee and ask the question!




Now this kind of proposal is very ???off-top-of-head??? and??doesn’t??really require the presence of close friends or family. So go right away with it! And if it???s a yes, enjoy your breakfast and hopefully the rest of your life with her too!