Diamonds the most unique precious stones are formed under high temperature and pressure in the Earth’s mantle, which is known to be the second layer of the earth, at a depth of 140 to 90 kilometres. It consists of carbon minerals and its growth occurs over a period of 1 to 3.3 million years. Today it is known as the most beautiful gem stone that can be either worn as jewellery or used as an adornment.

More than 200 percent of the colored diamonds are said to be more attractive than the simple white ones. The pure diamonds are usually colorless, completely transparent with not a single flaw in it. But the existence of color in a diamond is due to the chemical impurities or defect in its structure. Diamonds can be found of variety of colors like, white, steel grey, yellow, pink, blue, green or even rainbow color.

Let’s have a look on the various colored diamonds available:


Yellow diamond:Yellow Color Diamond

The yellow diamond is natural fancy canary yellow in color. It weighs 3 carats and is radiant in shape. Its symmetry and polish is excellent.



Orange pear diamond:Orange-pear-diamond

It is a pear shaped diamond weighing 2 carats and is natural fancy intense orange in color. Its clarity is Loupe clean. Its symmetry and polish is excellent. It was found in 1997 at Central African Republic and currently owned by Harry Winston.



Fancy intense cognac diamonds:
It is natural fancy intense cognac in color, its clarity is Loupe clean and its symmetry and polish is very nice.

Fancy intense cognac diamonds

Champagne diamonds:
They are of natural skin color and are named champagne. It holds excellent polish and symmetry and can be delivered with the international diamond certificate.
These are often mixed with yellow or orange hues and belong to the collection of light brown diamonds.

Different Shades of Champagne Diamonds

Different Shades of Champagne Diamonds


Chocolate brown diamonds:

It is Loupe clean in clarity and natural fancy intense brown in color. It is rare and cheap at the same time. Has got good a symmetry and polish. it weighs 124.58 carats.

Round Brown Diamonds Also Known as Chocolate Diamonds

Round Brown Diamonds Also Known as Chocolate Diamonds


Grey diamonds:grey-diamond

They are the most expensive and rare colored diamonds. They weigh 35.57 carats and is named after the Sultan of Morocco. It is of intense fancy grey in color and was sold to some American collector.


Green diamonds:green-diamond

They are very rare and expensive and are fancy intense green in color. They weigh 41 carats and are Loupe clean in clarity. One of the most famous green diamond found is the pear shaped Dresden diamond. The color green symbolizes eternal youth.


Pink diamond:Pink-diamond

It is exceptionally natural fancy intense purplish pink in color. It Weighs 0.50 carats. Its shape is that of a cushion. Its estimated price is around $2 million.



Blue diamond:blue_diamond

The blue diamond is of vivid fancy blue in color and weighs 7.03 carats. Its symmetry, polish and proportions are excellent. It was first mined in Culllinan mine of South Africa.


Red diamond:red-diamond

It was found in the Argy-le mine Australia. It is very rare and exceptionally intense red in color. Only once or twice a year is a red diamond available. It weighs 0.50 carats. its shape is that of a cushion.


Black diamonds:


They are beautiful weighing 5 carats. There shape like that of an Emerald. They are very beautiful, hard and metallic in color. The black diamonds are rare to find and thus very expensive.



The variety in color of diamonds makes them more beautiful and increases their demand in market too. If you are willing to buy an exceptionally beautiful diamond which is unique in color you can always go for them!