Topaz has been used for ornamental reasons for quite some time now. The pure version of the gemstone is colorless but the presence of impurities

Blue topaz from brazil mine in the stone bring colorations in it that include green, red, beige, orange, brown and yellow. The color of the stone is mostly because of the fluorine and water presence in it. The brown or yellow color of the stone increases with the presence of water in it whereas the colorlessness or blueness of the mineral increases with the presence of fluorine in the stone. Originated from Tapas ??? a Sanskrit word, this stone is mined around the world. Some of the regions where it is mined include Thomas Range Utah, Mexico, Russia Ural Mountains, San Diego California, Pakistan and Minas Gerais Brazil.

The minas Gerais in the Brazilian region is quite renowned for production of more than mystic-topaz-fire-green-ovaleighty percent of the mineral and gem in Brazil. Mined from around Ouro Prato, topaz, the region of???? hundred square miles around Minas Gerais is popular for bringing most of the pink topaz. There is also Antonia Pereira Mine which is popular for bringing in Imperial Topaz. This is mostly pink and red colored variation of topaz and was mostly employed for use of nineteenth and eighteenth century Russian Czarinas.

The imperial mines are mostly open air and are considered to be the last remaining imperial topaz mines around the globe after the last Russian ones were closed. The production of the stone going at Minas Gerais yellow topaz from minesis quite less but the prices of the stone have still gone up after the Russian ones were closed. There are also renowned topaz mines in the Pakistan region and the colors of the topaz found there come in a number of color variations which include champagne, golden, pink and violet. Including other minerals, the Pakistani topaz is seen to be mined in and around Gilgit district in Shigar, Hunza and Gilgi; Katlang in the Mardan region, Shigar region near Balistan district which consists Yuno, Kashmal and Childee; Balistan Skardu Road which conssits of Tormiq Nala, Stak Nala and Shengus.

The natural orange variation of topaz isn’t produced in this region and the topaz variations coming from the Gilgit Area (mostly white and golden) are treated so that the desired color can be imparted on it. The well-formed white crystals and peach pink variations are completely clean and are relatively treated to bring in some other color variations.34_Carat_Sky_Blue_Topaz-Silver_Ring