Diamond jewelry has always marked an important place in a women???s life when it comes to accessorizing, for it adds more glow to her beauty. Wearing diamond jewelry has become more of a necessity than just for luxury show off, personal satisfaction or even for gifting purposes for giving out positive vibrations. That is why wearing of diamonds is also suggested in astrology. It can be worn as a ring, necklace, bracelet, earring, pendant or even as a crown.

Diamond is known to be a??meta-stable??allotrope??of carbon. Diamond is precious stone that is known to have paramount physical qualities, which arises due to the covalent bonding that exists between its atoms. It is basically known for its luster, transparency and everlasting quality. The name diamonds refer to ???proper??? or ???unbreakable???. It is mined in India where the alluvial deposits are found. During ancient times diamonds were also used for healing purposes. It was believed that if a sign of the cross is made holding a diamond in the hand, it will heal the person from his illness.


Diamonds have made people wonder about their charm throughout the world. if you are wondering about the 10 famous diamonds of the world, then you should read the following:



Its name means the ???mountain of light???. It is an oval cut gem of 105.60 carats.
kohinoor-diamondDuring the period of sixteenth century, it was under the possession of the mogul rulers.
Later in 1850 the East India Company presented it to Queen Victoria. That time it weighed 1o9.86 carats, after that it was re-cut to 108.60 carats. Later it was worn as a State Crown by Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary. After that it was worn by Queen Elizabeth in 1937 for her coronation. It is kept with the other crown jewels in the tower of London.



The Orloff:

Copy of the Orlov Diamond. Note: It is actually turned upside-down in this photo

This diamond is of 300 carats. Its color is bluish green, and holds great clarity.

It is said to have been stolen from the diamond eye of Vishnu???s idol from an Indian temple named Sriangam, by a French man during the 1700s. Later it was traded to Madras, and then finally brought to Russia where Grigori Orloff, an ex-lover of the empress Catharine the great, bought it in her favor for 90,000 pounds. There it was named ???Orloff???. In 1812 it was hid by the Russians in a priest???s tomb and there after it remained there.



Centenary Diamond:

It was mined at Primier Mine in the month of July, year 1986. It weighs 599.10Centenary-Diamond carats approximately. It took three years for Gabi Tolkowsky in transforming it into the world???s largest diamond. It possesses 164 on the stone, 247 on the facets and 83 on its gridle. The Centenary Diamond was revealed at the tower of London in May 1991.






The Idols??? Eye:

idols eye diamond

It is a flattened pear shaped gem weighing 70.20 carats. It is said to have beenstolen from the eye of an idol. It was then presented to the Sultan of Turkey by the Sheik of Kashmir.






Cullinan Diamond??(The great star of Africa):Cullinan Diamond

The Great star of Africa diamond is the world???s largest diamond. It weighs 530.20 carats, has 74 facets and is pear shaped. When it was first discovered it was found to have been a part of a large crystal but its missing half was never found. It was cut from a 30106 carat diamond and yielded 96 smaller and major cut stones.




The Taylor Burton:


It was founded in the??Premier??Mine South Africa during the year 1966. it weighs 69.42 carats and is pear shape. Richard Burton bought it as a gift for Elizabeth Taylor for $100,000 and gave it the name engagement. After Burton???s death in 1979 it was sold by Liz Taylor for $ 2.8 million. It was last seen in Saudi Arabia.




The Sancy:


It is in pear shape and weighs 55 carats. At first it was owned by Charles the bold who was the Duke of Burgundy. Later it was lost by him in a battle in 1477. After that it came into the hands of Seigneur de Sacy who was a French Ambassador to Turkey during the sixteenth century. It was sold to James 1 of England who fled away in 1688. After that it disappeared during the French Revolution.




Hortensia:hortensia-diamondIt weighs 20 carats and is peach in color. It got its name after the Queen of Holland. The gem is now a part of the French crown jewel and can be seen in Louvre in Paris.









The Blue Hope:
It weighs 45.52 carats and was named after the person who purchased it HenryBlue-Hope-diamond Thomas Hope. It is said to be a part of the Blue Tavernier Diamond which was brought to India from Europe in 1642. It was later acquired by Mrs. Edward McLean who was an American Widow in 1830. In 1949 after Mrs. McLean committed suicide, it was bought by a New York merchant Harry Winston. No other buyer was willing to purchase it after that. It then displayed at Smithsonian institute in Washington.

Diamonds have always been the most treasured gemstone for its rare qualities.
The diamonds mentioned above are just the top ten diamonds all over the world, besides these there are several more collections of diamonds that are famous for its uniqueness.