Well the most important thing when shopping for diamonds as i am sure you’ve heard, is the four C’s that’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

4Cs of a diamond

Cut is arguably the most important because that’s what unleashes the fire in the brilliance making them sparkly and that’s why we love diamonds and then we have Clarity.

Clarity are the little imperfections we sometimes call them “Nature’s birth marks.” Those are what have little tiny marks they could e little carbon fishers or with little dark spots. Now its OK if they have little spots. But they should be somewhat not visible to the eye.

And then we have Carat Weight. Now for some people carat weight is the most important because when you are looking at a diamond “Size” does matter. If you do buy diamond over 1 Carat it should come with a warranty or certificate.

and then the last C that’s the “Color”, Now the color which is graded from D-Z.

And here we have a couple of examples of loose diamonds.

And the reason why we put them on a white piece of paper is because the closer they are to the white paper the better the color.

So we have two examples here one is the round diamond and the other one is the princess cut these are the two most popular cuts out there today.



Little about Warranty or Certificate:

Its should be an independent laboratory because they look at the diamond and grade it. And they actually grade those four “C’s”, So that you know what you are getting and that you’re paying for getting the most for your money.

Tips for getting the most for your money:

Its a subjective process so some people like to look at cut because it looks like its make it sparkly.??But if carat weight is most important for you. Then you can go a little bit less in terms of quality on the other three C’s.

So it’s Really up to you.


Is it easier to save money if you choose loose diamonds?

Not necessarily some people like to pick and choose the two separately, so that they can pick their diamonds and have it set into the mounting that they want.

But most of the times people go with preset diamond rings you can find some good pre-set diamond rings here. Or feel free to contact us if you want to choose a loose diamond and get it set.