The turquoise is a robin blue colored stone which is found in earth???s deep recesses. This is one of the most natural colors one can find in gems

torquise ring1 Turquoise ??? People???s Gembut still it is varied into different colorations of Chinese green, brownish gray, bluish green, green and blue. The best turquoise is seen to come from northern Iran or ancient Persia. Naturally, this stone forms a part of the minerals which come under phosphates. The mineral color is caused by underground water running over aluminium phosphate lumps or copper lumps which are further embedded in parent rock. The chemical reaction happens between salts which are dissolved along with the aluminum phosphates and copper present inside the rocks. This reaction is then able to give this mineral a range of colors.

It is said that almost a million years are taken by the gemstone to achieve the color that is seenWhite turquoise Turquoise ??? People???s Gem now. The blue color is enhanced when the copper is present more. In the case of more aluminium, the stone takes on a white or pale color. If water contains iron then a bluish green tinge would come to the stone whilst yellow color comes from zinc presence. Thin vein lines or dark spots are left on the stone because of the impurities or sediments that are present in the water mixture. The veins can form a number of different patters which sometimes look like spider webs and these designs are also known as matrix.

The Mexican and American varieties of the stone sport the matrix formation and a lot of people purchase these turquoises because this gives a mark of genuineness to the whole thing. The Iranian turquoise is the rarest, the best and is also spotless. The natural turquoise is seen to sometimes contain a number of white patches because of the impurities found in it like rock pieces, limonite, jasper and sand stone.natural Iranian turquoise in matrix rock Turquoise ??? People???s GemThe real turquoise is seen to be getting day after day and it is said that the real turquoise sold in the market at this time is only three percent natural. In the natural forms, this gem is quite costly while the cheaper varieties have become more popular. The stabilized version is the most common one which is like a chalky and soft stone. This is usually covered with plastic or resin coatings which is done to protect the whole stone from injury and also to make sure that the color remains intact.

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