The turquoise is such a distinct and vivid gemstone that it has become the source for naming the color. Moreover, it is said that ancient

multi tourmaline gemstone 733358 Turquoise the Gem of GodsMexicans used to revere this stone so much that the mortals weren???t allowed to even touch the stone and it was only reserved for deities. This stone has been revered in every place for thousands of years and one such example is of the Egyptian tombs. The research in those tombs has made it known that this gemstone was used for adornment and rituals since the 55th century BC. Aside from that, this is also the national stone for Tibet and is used for making inlays, carvings, cabochons and beads there.

As for the color of the stone, that varies from sky blue to lime green. The blue colored gemGlittery Silver Blue Tourmaline Gemstone Earrings For Women 71123 1 Turquoise the Gem of Gods which is intensely polished is considered to have more value than the variations which are seen to have a bit of green color. The stone is actually a secondary mineral which arises because of water circulation. The blue color is because of the copper present in it and that is why the gem is celebrated. The industrial name for the stone is copper aluminium phosphate and its hardness on the Mohs scale is around five to six which makes it a pretty decent and durable gem. Those who are looking to buy turquoise should be able to acquire it at around two dollars per carat.

Due to the low number of turquoise mines, the value of the stone is slightly enhanced. The best quality turquoise is seen to come from SPR8017PD 300x194 Turquoise the Gem of GodsArizona in the Sleeping Beauty Mines. The lime green version of the stone is quite rare and that is limitedly available in some mines in china. Aside from that, it is also found in Europe, Siberia, China, Tibet, Australia, Africa, United States and the Iran regions. In the ancient times, turquoise was considered to be an important possession but it went downhill from there onwards. It was used in the sixties by the hippies as they found it for cheap and used to complement their fashion.

Considered a part of junk jewelry in those times and the fashion admirers never used to give it Natural Tourmaline Necklace Earrings Bracelet Set Turquoise the Gem of Godsa second glance till Kim Hulbert made it as a part of the contemporary fashion statement during the nineties. This revival was accepted world over and some of the top magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue used to patronize it.

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