With Valentine???s Day just around the corner it is a very apt time to repeat the clich??, ???the aroma of love is present in the air.??? And not very surprising at all is the common query that pops up in the hearts of millions of love struck lads, ???How do I propose to her???? Yes, it???s a mighty task indeed. A proposal is the most beautiful moment of a relationship, one that is cherished forever and ever, that magical moment when your nervousness is at its peak, when your heart is almost in your mouth and all you have in the world is a desperate need to hear an enduring ???YES.???


Well clearly it???s not the moment that one dreads; it???s the lack of idea of how to sneak that glowing engagement ring in a way that surprises the love of your life. There are many ways to propose your girl and believe it or not her answer actually does depend upon your style of proposal. No one wants a ring thrown on their face like a loose fruit with no panache; a decent presentation is a must.


For the romantic readers of this portal here is an exclusive way to make yourrestaurant-proposal declaration of love a grand affair. The dream of every woman is her male love to showcase his feelings in public and that???s what you need to do. Now most men who are reading this would go for the old lame idea of an engagement ring in a restaurant table but that???s not actually grand enough first and secondly a trick like that died a million years ago.


Here is what you do; you ask your girlfriend out for an ordinary movie plan on Valentine???s Day. Now this would lower her expectations and she will not expect anything huge at all and that is where you implement your plans. You make a nice montage of pictures of you both, some beautiful memories and end that with a nice caption expressing your love. Seems easy, it??isn’t;?? the trick part is that you need to convince the manager of the hall to play that montage during the intermission. Of course take out your wallets and bribe him; and during the intermission as she is astonished by this sudden gesture of love seal the deal with an engagement ring, thus making this Valentine the grandest of all times but statutory warning; scoop up this idea before someone else does.

Propose in Cinema