For several ages, emerald has been a regal choice for royals and nobles as they considered the green color of the stone to resemble happiness and life for them. Considered to posses quite some mystic and healing powers,

EmeraldGemstone3 300x300 Varieties of Emerald Gemstone this stone is believed to be right in line with the other four precious stones that include sapphire, diamond and ruby. However, if a normal person is unaware of its variations then it is possible to get duped or not get this stone at all. This green beryl is seen to mostly occur in the mica with the hydrothermal and metamorphic origins.

The color of the rock is altered because of the varying amounts of vanadium and chromium in the stone. In fact, these are the elements that bring the gem its green color. Moreover, the varying amounts in iron can also alter its color. Because of its green color, the stone is mostly considered by those who want to wear it for everyday use. The Columbian emeralds are seen to possess the slightly green bluish and vivid dark colors desired by jewelry lovers around the world. The stone???s deposits are also seen to be found in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and Zambia but Brazil, Columbia and India are seen to be its leading producers.emerald jewelry set 294x300 Varieties of Emerald GemstoneAs for the buyers, Japan and USA are seen to go for more than seventy five percent of the cut emerald in the world today. Going to the producers again, the fire, crystallization and transparency of the Columbian emerald is popular around thejaffaearringemerald Varieties of Emerald Gemstone world and the deep green shade of these have started being considered as the standard for the emeralds around the world. Then the Brazilian regions have taken over with being the leading suppliers of emeralds to the world market since the eighties. The typical Brazilian stones are seen to be yellowish and lighter in color as compared to their global counterparts.

After Brazil, the combination of African countries of Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia and Zimbabwe are seen to produce the largest deposits of emerald because of the presence of a large amount of beryl in their mines. However, they lack the intensity in their green with the problems also increasing when it comes to their grayish tinge and the blunt green color. This is seen to be because of the high iron percentage in the emerald coming from African countries. After that, the other countries which produce appreciable amount of emerald include Australia, India and Russia.

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