The tourmaline gemstone is popular for coming in range of colors and the stone can exhibit more than hundred different hues. The origin of the word tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word turmali which is loosely translated to mix. If a user doesn???t know how to differentiate between a tourmaline and any other stone, then it is possible to replicate any gemstone with the tourmalines. Its chemical formula is overpowered by the presence of elbaite which makes it a gem and the other minerals are tsilaisite, veredite, liddcoatite, schorl and dravite. The recent jewelry trends have made regulations which mean that the tourmalines have to be labeled because of their color and not depending on their name. The following lines provide information on some varieties that one sees in the market of tourmaline.Different Varieties of TourmalineThe first one is the anchorite which is a colorless variation of the tourmaline. Then there are the unique bicolors and except ametrine,SylvanaPinkTourmalineEarrings no other gemstone can replicate or resemble them. These are basically a mix of the yellow citrine and the purple amethyst. Then there are the cat???s eye tourmalines which come in green and pink colors. In several crystals of tourmaline, the other mineral inclusions are viewed. In the cat???s eye, the inclusions are tiny and parallel and when polished they seem to exhibit a lovely cat eye effect. The preferred cut for these is the cabochons.

Then there are the rare chrome tourmalines which come in rich green hues. The presence ofNatural deep green Tourmaline chromium vanadium oxide in them causes the green which is also seen in emeralds. These are popular for exhibiting colors as similar as the best graded emeralds whilst also being more durable than them. These are mined in the Tanzania, Namibia, Zambia and Kenya regions. Then there is the dravite which is a normally brown tourmaline but it is mostly given artificial treatments so that their color can be lightened.

The schorl ones are seen to exhibit a black to grey color. These have no value as the gemstones but are used as crystals because of the fact that they can be used as jewelry in mourning. Then there is the elbaite which is the most popular of all the colors in the tourmaline. These are very clear to the eye and are cut in the shape of rectangles. The color ranges from vibrant to pastel greens. The range of the indicolite range from a medium blue to the finest dark and they closely resemble sapphires. These are seen to come from Maine, California, Madagascar, Brazil and Sri Lanka.Black_tourmaline_hoop_earrings