Piercing body parts and wearing jewelry such as diamond ear rings is done by both men and women. It is very commonly seen among women, but men are also closely following this trend. Human beings always loved to adorn themselves with jewelry, and diamond stud earrings are no exception.

Ear rings are usually known to be a piece of jewelry attached to the ear after piercing in the ear lobe. In India, piercing of ears is done pierced-diamond-earringduring the 1 to 2 years from the birth of the child. It is usually celebrated as a religious ceremony. Even the boy???s ear lobes are pierced in few religions. But now-a-days, this practice is followed only in Pandit families. In the western cultures, diamond ear rings or simply, ear rings are worn by fashionistas, celebrities, punk rocks, football players, musicians etc. The type of ear rings worn by westerners range from platinum ear rings, diamond ear rings and also in various other metals. They also wear ear rings in a single ear lobe, which is mostly seen among the gay community.


The ear rings come in different materials such as metals, beads, precious stones, platinum ear rings, diamond ear rings, gem-stones and so on and so forth. Ear rings come in various designs, shapes, sizes and materials. It could be studs, danglers, cling-on, drops, charm drops, hoops, huggies etc. A stud with a single diamond on it is a classic piece of diamond ear rings. This type of diamond ear rings is mostly worn by carnatic musicians. For example, M.S Subbulakshmi was one such renowned classical musician who was always spotted with diamond ear ring during her concerts.

Ear rings of classic pieces to various latest fashion trends are available in the market today. Diamond ear rings have to be chosen with care. Diamond ear rings should be worn depending upon the outfit that one wears and also depending upon the occasion. Classic gold ear rings are suitable for traditional religious functions, whereas the diamond ear rings can be worn for evening parties and so on and so forth. Personality and face cut of the person should also be matched while deciding to buy the diamond ear rings. Diamond ear rings spice up to the overall appearance of the person wearing it. Ear rings worn should suit the hair style and the outfit that one wears.

Thus, i would say that diamond stud earrings are an important versatile part of every women???s (few men???s) jewelry wardrobe.