In order to determine the values of a diamond, most diamond experts judging it from the diamond color. Most diamonds have crystal clear view from the plain sight, but did you know that several diamonds have a faint, slight hue of brown or yellow color upon closer inspection? While these diamonds are still monetarily valuable nonetheless, many diamond experts consider that the closer the gem comes to a colorless hue, the more valuable the diamond will be.


According to the experts, the color of each diamond has are affected by the chemical impurities and / or structural shape of the diamond itself. A chemically pure and crystal clear diamond with perfect structural configuration has no hue, as clear as a drop of pure water without any tint of hazel or gold in it. These perfect colorless diamonds are consequently fetching a higher price on a market.


There is an official GIA diamond color grading scale that can be easily searched on the internet. The diamond colors are graded with a scale ranging from D (colorless) up to Z (heavily tinted). Most D, E, and F diamonds are considered colorless and require a highly skilled professional in order to detect any color in this type of diamond. While in the other hand, diamonds with grade G, H, I, and J has their color virtually impossible to see with the naked eye when they are set into a ring or any other jewelry or accessories.


Nevertheless, diamonds with a visible tint color like in grade K and above can be still very lovely if it has good cut and clarity. In the end, it is all depends on the quality of the jeweler in creating the best creation from the available resources. How the diamonds are set can also make a huge difference on the final result. Most of the expert jewel craftsman would never want to put colorless diamond in a deep gold accessory because the bright yellow color will surely reflect in the gem and taints the clarity of the gem in the plain sight. While in the other case, a slightly yellow tinted diamond will appear whiter with that deep yellow gold accessory.


There are also a wide variety of diamonds that has colors that is referred as ???canary???. These colorful diamonds has a visible tint of other colors aside brown and yellow, such as red, blue, green, and so forth. Depending on the color hue and clarity, these canary diamonds can be considered rarer than white diamonds.