When it comes to the world renowned aquamarine gems and jewelries, one has to be aware of the places from where the stone is being brought or mined. Brazil is the largest producer of aquamarinesThis is important because the place of origination is the key indicator to the quality of the gemstone. Brazil is considered to be the best source of producing the finest and most famous aquamarines while the second place here goes to Mozambique in Africa. They have a special category for this gem there and also a name which goes by Santa Maria African. In the last few years, the traditional favorites like ruby, emerald and diamond are being replaced by the beauty of amethyst and aquamarine. The latter is quite popular considering the fact that it symbolizes loyalty and love.



The infamous gem is available in a range of blue shades that go from dark blue to greenish blue and also to a pale color. These shades depend on their origin place and the combination of these two factors factor in the price of the stone. The Santa Maria ones mentioned before are very highly priced and are used only for the delight of the collector???s. Another Brazilian favorite is the espirito Santo which has acquired a worldwide reputation. Although not as blue as the Santa Maria, they are unique and are considered as beautiful as Marta Rocha, another unique blue rend ration of the same.SANTA_MARIA_BLUEThe admirers of the stone can see a nine hundred carat worth Aquamarine kept in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC along with the hope diamond. Another well known crystal was found in 1920 in Brazil and weighed approximately 240 pounds. Sized at approximately nineteen inches, this crystal is green on the outer surface, blue inside and it is so transparent that one can actually see clearly through its length. The British Museum of Natural History also boasts of a nine hundred carat flawless aquamarine. Another famous form of the aquamarines is that of the Madagascar aqua and they are of very dark blue color.Aquamarine in Smithsonian MuseumThe aquamarines found in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria and Namibia are famous for the fact that the deep blue color persists even in the smallest cut of their stones. Afghanistan and Pakistan???s Karakorum ranges are also famous for housing some world renowned aquamarines. The sizes here vary from few centimeters to around thirty centimeters with a weight varying from two grams to two hundred and fifty grams. This can easily state as to why aquamarine jewelry is so popular in the international market. Some of its forms and pieces created by world famous jewelry designers are in very high demand in the international group of jewelry enthusiasts.famous aquamarine and ruby Belt Necklace